Gabriella Nutter

  • Neuroimaging Research Assistant

A South African native—Gabriella has witnessed the discontinuity between the advancement of healthcare and its implementation in communities around her from an early age. Bent on understanding this interaction, she pursued medicine in the United States where she graduated with a BA in Psychology from Denison University, with a concentration in Neuroscience while competing for the Denison Swim Team. At Denison and beyond, Gabriella developed a strength for empirical research in a broad range of interests, including chemosensation, traumatic brain injury, addiction and neuropsychology. Gabriella’s experiences in the U.S., Europe and southern Africa have exposed her to a continuum of healthcare that is still trying to understand and maintain the sources of well-being and health. With a passion for interdisciplinary projects, she wants to direct her skills in research toward social issues. One such project investigated the reality of Title IX biases and their obstruction of sexual violence prevention. Beyond these pursuits, Gabriella is faithful to her art, slowly building the courage to dismiss watercolor’s comfort for the complexity of oil painting.