Dante Mitchell

  • REACT Research Assistant

Beginning his musical education with noted percussionists Baba Eric Rucker and Youssou Lo in 1990, Dante has studied and performed West African culture for over 25 years , Dante Mitchell, an accomplished West African percussionist, has recorded and performed in many main-stage plays and productions. Dante has toured extensively around the United States and Africa. Following various trips to Senegal and Guinea, West  Africa , Dante developed a powerful appreciation and love for West African culture and music. Since then, he has used his immense musical knowledge and talents to teach, preserve, and cultivate an awareness of the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of West Africa through “edutainment” (education and entertainment)Dante Mitchell, Artistic Director, has toured as a west African percussionist with prestigious international dance companies. He has been teaching in West Africa drumming in Pittsburgh Public Schools as well as is for the Co-Founders/The Ibeji Drum Ensemble Kuumba.inc.